[Pdns-users] configuring ALSO-NOTIFY support using the domain metadata table

Bauer, Steven J. Steve.Bauer at sdsmt.edu
Thu Aug 18 14:53:11 UTC 2011

Current setup:
PDNS version= pdns-3.0.20110720.2246
Sql backend:  gmysql

I am currently not setup yet to do dnssec.

While trying to setup ALSO-NOTIFY support, I have found via searching the lists, etc. that this is to be configured via the domainmetadata table where the puts in the domain_id, ALSO-NOTIFY for the kind and the ip address to notify for the content.  The issue that I have is that this appears to be not working for me.

After looking through the source it appears that dnssec queries have to be enabled to get data out of the domainMetadata table.  In the code file gsqlbackend.cc , the method alsoNotifies has a test for the dnssecQueries.  (I have included the the full method below:

void GSQLBackend::alsoNotifies(const string &domain, set<string> *ips)
  vector<string> meta;
  getDomainMetadata(domain, "ALSO-NOTIFY", meta);
  BOOST_FOREACH(string& str, meta) {

Also, a little later on in the file, the method getDomainMetadata (line 491) has the same test for dnssec queries.

So, if I understand it correctly, the also-notify only works when the server is setup for dnssec.  Was this the intended to be that way or am I doing something wrong?



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