[Pdns-users] DNSSEC rectify-zone setuid and setgid

kim Doff kimdoff at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 04:31:49 UTC 2011


Could you help me?


DNSSEC Master/Slave are working faultlessly.

I have PowerDNS v3, PowerAdmin 2.1.5 and MySQL Database Replication
With SSL Encryption.

Here is my question.

When I modify zone domain.com through PowerAdmin
by adding a subdomain like test.domain.com

Master/Slave are updated (SOA serial is updated)
but Master/Slave do not bind test.domain.com,

I have to rectify zone domain.com in Master
to bind test.domain.com in Master/Slave

# pdnssec rectify-zone domain.com

Is there a way to do it automatically through PowerDNS?


When I enable setuid=pdns and setgid=pdns in pdns.conf,
Master/Slave are down.



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