[Pdns-users] Documentation on populating backend database tables

Sebastian Tennant sebyte at smolny.plus.com
Sun Apr 24 22:22:19 UTC 2011

Quoth Maik Zumstrull <maik at zumstrull.net>:
> Yes. This has an implied foreign key constraint, but it's up to you to
> actually define one on the database level. It also should be NOT NULL.

Thanks for the confirmation.

One quick question (as the domains/zones table is undocumented) what should the
value of the domains.type column be?  My guess is 'IN'.

> As you apparently noticed, the example schema in the documentation is not all
> that great.  The authors are aware of this.

I hope I didn't sound too critical.

> The information which records are members of the same zone is important, and
> can not entirely be derived from the owner name. If you don't define zones
> correctly, PowerDNS will give incorrect replies in some cases. b


> But yes, very simple stuff like asking for an A record that you are
> authoritative for and that exists would work.

Understood, but I've gone ahead and done things properly anyway.

> A SOA record is required, or PowerDNS will not answer correctly for
> non-existent records.

It affects non-existent records... I see...  interesting.

Many thanks.

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