[Pdns-users] wildcards in backend and wrong any answer

fredrik danerklint fredan-pdns at fredan.org
Fri Apr 1 21:43:09 UTC 2011

I think you forgott to update the packethandler.hh ;-)

packethandler.cc:311: error: prototype for ‘bool 
PacketHandler::getBestWildcard(DNSPacket*, SOAData&, const string&, 
std::vector<DNSResourceRecord, std::allocator<DNSResourceRecord> >*)’ does not 
match any in class ‘PacketHandler’
packethandler.hh:113: error: candidate is: std::vector<DNSResourceRecord, 
std::allocator<DNSResourceRecord> > PacketHandler::getBestWildcard(DNSPacket*, 
SOAData&, const string&)
packethandler.cc:1078: error: prototype for ‘bool 
PacketHandler::tryWildcard(DNSPacket*, DNSPacket*, SOAData&, string&, bool&, 
bool&)’ does not match any in class ‘PacketHandler’
packethandler.hh:114: error: candidate is: bool 
PacketHandler::tryWildcard(DNSPacket*, DNSPacket*, SOAData&, string&, bool&)
packethandler.cc: In member function ‘DNSPacket* 
PacketHandler::questionOrRecurse(DNSPacket*, bool*)’:
packethandler.cc:1291: error: no matching function for call to 
‘PacketHandler::tryWildcard(DNSPacket*&, DNSPacket*&, SOAData&, string&, 
bool&, bool&)’
packethandler.hh:114: note: candidates are: bool 
PacketHandler::tryWildcard(DNSPacket*, DNSPacket*, SOAData&, string&, bool&)

> On Fri, Apr 01, 2011 at 10:11:44PM +0400, Vasiliy G Tolstov wrote:
> > Some new problem with pdsn trunk:
> > Simple test - create domain, create subdomain with *.domain.tld IN A
> Fixed in commits 2111 and 2112. These commits also add regression tests so
> this error can't crop up again unnoticed.
> http://wiki.powerdns.com/trac/changeset/2112
> http://wiki.powerdns.com/trac/changeset/2111
> Apologies for having such a horrible bug at this stage!
> New packages are building for http://powerdnssec.org/downloads
> 	Bert
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