[Pdns-users] powerdns hangs when ldap backend is unavailable

Angel Bosch Mora angbosch at conselldemallorca.net
Fri Oct 29 06:31:13 UTC 2010

----- Missatge original -----
> Even so, it seems it should be filed, if not as a bug, then as a
> critical feature request, because the back end SHOULD handle
> connectivity with the associated layer. Otherwise, one should monitor
> LDAP and, even at the slightest unavailability, he should restart
> pdns, which is totally impractical.

i agree this is critical but usually in a large environment you dont have just one LDAP service. i always configure pdns with at least two ldap servers located at different machines/places.

  ldap-host=ldap1:389 ldap2:389



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