[Pdns-users] Problems setting pdns as master and slave reverse dns.

Christian Hofstädtler ch at zeha.at
Tue Oct 19 16:04:27 UTC 2010

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 5:49 PM, Gabriel Garrido <kainlite at gmail.com> wrote:
> dig -t axfr @190.xxx.xxx.7
> host 190.xxx.xxx.179 190.xxx.xxx.7

dig -t axfr only works if you have AXFR enabled and allowed from your
IP. host does various stuff depending on the version you're using and
is basically useless for debugging.
Try this instead:

  dig @nameserver ptr
  dig @nameserver 149.92.190.in-addr.arpa soa
  dig @nameserver 149.92.190.in-addr.arpa ns

> That id is not only for that record? and the second id is for the relation
> with the domains table ? I'll paste a dump of the database structure. I've
> poweradmin installed so there are extra tables in the dump...

Ah, correct.
>From your original mail it's unclear what you're actually inserting.
Please post actual records without any obfuscation...


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