[Pdns-users] Split-Horizon: how to implement?

Cristian Cappelletti c.cappelletti at akfree.it
Thu Nov 11 10:44:27 UTC 2010

Hello to all,

We plan to switch our DNS servers, BIND-based to PowerDNS.

Crucial point for us is to implement Split-Horizon, aka views in bind/named.

Actually we have internal DNS (DMZ) records not querable to our public DNS.

Due to a change on the topology of our network I have to merge these DNS into
one, then move all records to the public DNS - BUT - implement views to allow
the resolution of certain records only from a set of subnets.

Note that can happen that some records exist only on the private view, and
others on both the private and the authoritative part of the zone.

The answer provided by the daemon depends on what is the client IP address
asking for it.

I know PowerDNS doesn't support views, but is it possible to implement this
scenario with PowerDNS using any workaround (like pdns double istance, geo-backend)?

What is the best way to solve this issue?

Any suggestion or documentation link is appreciated..

Thanks a lot!


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