[Pdns-users] Using pipe-regex to filter on query type

Patrick Wendell patrickw at princeton.edu
Mon May 3 01:17:31 UTC 2010

Hi There,

The documentation says that an A record query for www.powerdns.com will be
represented as "www.powerdns.com;A" to the pipe-regex checker. However, if I
write a rule like:


With the intent of sending only A records to the pipe-backend, it doesn't
work. I'm guessing what is happening, is that the pipe-regex is actually
checking against "www.pwerdns.com;ANY" which is usually the first query sent
to the backend. Can anyone confirm this?

If so, it would be nice to change the documentation in a way that reflects
this limitation. I.e. explaining that there isn't really a way to match on
record type.

- Patrick
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