[Pdns-users] PowerDNS Recursor 3.2 Available

Steve Spencer sspencer at kdsi.net
Mon Mar 8 14:27:58 UTC 2010

Just want to make sure this package is actually newer.  I'm getting this
message when I attempt to update the recursor on an CentOS5.x box:

rpm -Uvh pdns-recursor-3.2-1.i386.rpm
Preparing...                ###########################################
	package pdns-recursor- (which is newer than
pdns-recursor-3.2-1.i386) is already installed

bert hubert wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Please find below the release notes of the PowerDNS Recursor version 3.2!
> Compared to RC1 and RC2 this version mostly contains compilation and
> platform fixes (for Solaris and CentOS4/RHEL4), as well as improved
> statistics, diagnostics and '--help' output, and assorted small useability
> fixes.
> RC1 and RC2 are already deployed in a number of large places, and it appears
> to be holding up well.  In addition, a number of future users have performed
> stringent testing and performance measurements, and it appears this version
> works satisfactorily. 
> It is also observed that this release candidate provides for vastly improved
> performance compared to 3.1.7.*, even bringing us close to the very
> impressive numbers measured by users of the Nominum Vantio and Nominum CNS
> software.  On modern hardware, the PowerDNS Recursor may in fact be faster,
> and certainly better value for money. For more details, please see below.
> The PowerDNS Recursor 3.2 releases is a highly recommended upgrade.
> We are very interested in hearing your experiences, and if there are any
> issues, please let us know.
> Download from:
> http://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/pdns-recursor-3.2.tar.bz2
> http://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/deb/pdns-recursor_3.2-1_i386.deb
> http://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/rpm/pdns-recursor-3.2-1.i386.rpm
> http://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/deb/pdns-recursor_3.2-1_amd64.deb
> http://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/rpm/pdns-recursor-3.2-1.x86_64.rpm
> These directories also contain PGP signatures.
> Please note that the 'universal' RPMs are, in fact, too new for RHEL4 and
> derived distributions.  It is expected that in the coming week,
> RHEL4-compatible RPMs will be announced.
> (Nominum, Nominum CNS & Nominum Vantio are trademarks owned by
> Nominum)
> Release notes
> -------------
> Version with clickable links:
> http://doc.powerdns.com/changelog.html#CHANGELOG-RECURSOR-3-2
> Warning!
>         Lua scripts from version 3.1.7.* are fully compatible with
>         version 3.2. However, scripts written for development snapshot
>         releases, are NOT. Please see Section 12.7 for details!
>  The 3.2 release is the first major release of the PowerDNS
>  Recursor in a long time. Partly this is because 3.1.7.*
>  functioned very well, and delivered satisfying performance,
>  partly this is because in order to really move forward, some
>  heavy lifting had to be done.
>  As always, we are grateful for the large PowerDNS community
>  that is actively involved in improving the quality of our
>  software, be it by submitting patches, by testing development
>  versions of our software or helping debug interesting issues.
>  We specifically want to thank Stefan Schmidt and Florian
>  Weimer, who both over the years have helped tremendously in
>  keeping PowerDNS fast, stable and secure.
>  This version of the PowerDNS Recursor contains a rather novel
>  form of lock-free multithreading, a situation that comes close
>  to the old '--fork' trick, but allows the Recursor to fully
>  utilize multiple CPUs, while delivering unified statistics and
>  operational control.
>  In effect, this delivers the best of both worlds: near linear
>  scaling, with almost no administrative overhead.
>  Compared to 'regular multithreading', whereby threads cooperate
>  more closely, more memory is used, since each thread maintains
>  its own DNS cache. However, given the economics, and the
>  relatively limited total amount of memory needed for high
>  performance, this price is well worth it.
>  In practical numbers, over 40,000 queries/second sustained
>  performance has now been measured by a third party, with a
>  100.0% packet response rate. This means that the needs of
>  around 400,000 residential connections can now be met by a
>  single commodity server.
>  In addition to the above, the PowerDNS Recursor is now
>  providing resolver service for many more Internet users than
>  ever before. This has brought with it 24/7 Service Level
>  Agreements, and 24/7 operational monitoring by networking
>  personnel at some of the largest telecommunications companies
>  in the world.
>  In order to facilitate such operation, more statistics are now
>  provided that allow the visual verification of proper PowerDNS
>  Recursor operation. As an example of this there are now graphs
>  that plot how many queries were dropped by the operating system
>  because of a CPU overload, plus statistics that can be
>  monitored to determine if the PowerDNS deployment is under a
>  spoofing attack.
>  All in all, this is a large and important PowerDNS Release,
>  paving the way for further innovation.
>  Note
>       This release removes support for the 'fork' multi-processor
>       option. In addition, the default is now to spawn two threads.
>       This has been done in such a way that total memory usage will
>       remain identical, so each thread will use half of the allocated
>       maximum number of cache entries.
>  Changes between RC2 and -release:
>    * 'Make install' when an existing configuration file
>      contained a 'fork' statement has been fixed. Spotted by
>      Darren Gamble, code in commit 1534.
>    * Reloading a non-existant allow-from-file caused the control
>      thread to stop working. Spotted by Imre Gergely, code in
>      commit 1532.
>    * Parser got confused by reading en empty line in
>      auth-forward-zones. Spotted by Imre Gergely, code in commit
>      1533.
>    * David Gavarret discovered undocumented and not-working
>      settings to set the owner, group and access modes of the
>      control socket. Code by Aki Tuomi and documentation in
>      commit 1535. Fixup in commit 1536 for FreeBSD as found by
>      Ralf van der Enden.
>    * Tiny improvement possibly solving an issue on Solaris 10's
>      completion port event multiplexer (commit 1537).
>  Changes between RC1 and RC2:
>    * Compilation on Solaris 10 has been fixed (various
>      patchlevels had different issues), code in commit 1522.
>    * Compatibility with CentOS4/RHEL4 has been restored, the gcc
>      and glibc versions shipped with this distribution contain a
>      Thread Local Storage bug which we now work around. Thanks
>      to Darren Gamble and Imre Gergely for debugging this issue,
>      code in commit 1527.
>    * A failed setuid operation, because of misconfiguration,
>      would result in a crash instead of an error message. Fixed
>      in commit 1523.
>    * Imre Gergely discovered that PowerDNS was doing spurious
>      root repriming when invalidating nssets. Fixed in commit
>      1531.
>    * Imre Gergely discovered our rrd graphs had not been changed
>      for the new multithreaded world, and did not allow scaling
>      beyond 200% cpu use. In addition, CPU usage graphs did not
>      add up correctly. Implemented in commit 1524.
>    * Andreas Jakum discovered the description of
>      'max-packetcache-entries' and 'forward-zones-recurse' was
>      wrong in the output of '--help' and '--config'. In
>      addition, some stray backup files made it into the RC1
>      release. Addressed in commit 1529.
>  Full release notes follow, including some overlap with the
>  incremental release notes above. Improvements:
>    * Multithreading, allowing near linear scaling to multiple
>      CPUs or cores. Configured using 'threads=' (many commits).
>      This also deprecates the '--fork' option.
>    * Added ability to read a configuration item of a running
>      PowerDNS Recursor using 'rec_control get-parameter' (commit
>      1243), suggested by Wouter de Jong.
>    * Added ability to read all statistics in one go of a running
>      PowerDNS Recursor using 'rec_control get-all' (commit
>      1496), suggested by Michael Renner.
>    * Speedups in packet generation (Commits 1258, 1259, 1262)
>    * TCP deferred accept() filter is turned on again for slight
>      DoS protection. Code in commit 1414.
>    * PowerDNS Recursor can now do TCP/IP queries to remote IPv6
>      addresses (commit 1412).
>    * Solaris 9 '/dev/poll' support added, Solaris 8 now
>      deprecated. Changes in commit 1421, commit 1422, commit
>      1424, commit 1413.
>    * Lua functions can now also see the address _to_ which a
>      question was sent, using getlocaladdress(). Implemented in
>      commit 1309 and commit 1315.
>    * Maximum cache sizes now default to a sensible value.
>      Suggested by Roel van der Made, implemented in commit 1354.
>    * Domains can now be forwarded to IPv6 addresses too, using
>      either ::1 syntax or [::1]:25. Thanks to Wijnand Modderman
>      for discovering this issue, fixed in commit 1349.
>    * Lua scripts can now load libraries at runtime, for example
>      to calculate md5 hashes. Code by Winfried Angele in commit
>      1405.
>    * Periodic statistics output now includes average queries per
>      second, as well as packet cache numbers (commit 1493).
>    * New metrics are available for graphing, plus added to the
>      default graphs (commit 1495, commit 1498, commit 1503)
>    * Fix errors/crashes on more recent versions of Solaris 10,
>      where the ports functions could return ENOENT under some
>      circumstances. Reported and debugged by Jan Gyselinck,
>      fixed in commit 1372.
>  New features:
>    * Add pdnslog() function for Lua scripts, so errors or other
>      messages can be logged properly.
>    * New settings to set the owner, group and access modes of
>      the control socket (socket-owner, socket-group,
>      socket-mode). Code by Aki Tuomi and documentation in commit
>      1535. Fixup in commit 1536 for FreeBSD as found by Ralf van
>      der Enden.
>    * rec_control now accepts a --timeout parameter, which can be
>      useful when reloading huge Lua scripts. Implemented in
>      commit 1366.
>    * Domains can now be forwarded with the 'recursion-desired'
>      bit on or off, using either forward-zones-recurse or by
>      prefixing the name of a zone with a '+' in
>      forward-zones-file. Feature suggested by Darren Gamble,
>      implemented in commit 1451.
>    * Access control lists can now be reloaded at runtime
>      (implemented in commit 1457).
>    * PowerDNS Recursor can now use a pool of
>      query-local-addresses to further increase resilience
>      against spoofing. Suggested by Ad Spelt, implemented in
>      commit 1426.
>    * PowerDNS Recursor now also has a packet cache, greatly
>      speeding up operations. Implemented in commit 1426, commit
>      1433 and further.
>    * Cache can be limited in how long it maximally stores
>      records, for BIND compatibility (TTL limiting), by setting
>      max-cache-ttl.Idea by Winfried Angele, implemented in
>      commit 1438.
>    * Cache cleaning turned out to be scanning more of the cache
>      than necessary for cache maintenance. In addition, far more
>      frequent but smaller cache cleanups improve responsiveness.
>      Thanks to Winfried Angele for discovering this issue.
>      (commits 1501, 1507)
>    * Performance graphs enhanced with separate CPU load and
>      cache effectiveness plots, plus display of various overload
>      situations (commits 1503)
>  Compiler/Operating system/Library updates:
>    * PowerDNS Recursor can now compile against newer versions of
>      Boost (verified up to and including 1.42.0). Reported &
>      fixed by Darix in commit 1274. Further fixes in commit
>      1275, commit 1276, commit 1277, commit 1283.
>    * Fix compatibility with newer versions of GCC (closes ticket
>      ticket 227, spotted by Ruben Kerkhof, code in commit 1345,
>      more fixes in commit 1394, 1416, 1440).
>    * Rrdtool update graph is now compatible with FreeBSD out of
>      the box. Thanks to Bryan Seitz (commit 1517).
>    * Fix up Makefile for older versions of Make (commit 1229).
>    * Solaris compilation improvements (out of the box, no
>      handwork needed).
>    * Solaris 9 MTasker compilation fixes, as suggested by John
>      Levon. Changes in commit 1431.
>  Bug fixes:
>    * Under rare circumstances, the recursor could crash on 64
>      bit Linux systems running glibc 2.7, as found in Debian
>      Lenny. These circumstances became a lot less rare for the
>      3.2 release. Discovered by Andreas Jakum and debugged by
>      #powerdns, fix in commit 1519.
>    * Imre Gergely discovered that PowerDNS was doing spurious
>      root repriming when invalidating nssets. Fixed in commit
>      1531.
>    * Configuration parser is now resistant against trailing tabs
>      and other whitespace (commit 1242)
>    * Fix typo in a Lua error message. Close ticket 210, as
>      reported by Stefan Schmidt (commit 1319).
>    * Profiled-build instructions were broken, discovered & fixes
>      suggested by Stefan Schmidt. ticket 239, fix in commit
>      1462.
>    * Fix up duplicate SOA from a remote authoritative server
>      from showing up in our output (commit 1475).
>    * All security fixes from are included.
>    * Under highly exceptional circumstances on FreeBSD the
>      PowerDNS Recursor could crash because of a TCP/IP error.
>      Reported and fixed by Andrei Poelov in ticket 192, fixed in
>      commit 1280.
>    * PowerDNS Recursor can be a root-server again. Error spotted
>      by the ever vigilant Darren Gamble (t229), fix in commit
>      1458.
>    * Rare TCP/IP errors no longer lead to PowerDNS Recursor
>      logging errors or becoming confused. Debugged by Josh Berry
>      of Plusnet PLC. Code in commit 1457.
>    * Do not hammer parent servers in case child zones are
>      misconfigured, requery at most once every 10 seconds.
>      Reported & investigated by Stefan Schmidt and Andreas
>      Jakum, fixed in commit 1265.
>    * Properly process answers from remote authoritative servers
>      that send error answers without including the original
>      question (commit 1329, commit 1327).
>    * No longer spontaneously turn on 'export-etc-hosts' after
>      reloading zones. Discovered by Paul Cairney, reported in
>      ticket 225, addressed in commit 1348.
>    * Very abrupt server failure of large numbers of high-volume
>      authoritative servers could trigger an out of memory
>      situation. Addressed in commit 1505.
>    * Make timeouts for queries to remote authoritative servers
>      configurable with millisecond granularity. In addition, the
>      old code turned out to consider the timeout expired when
>      the integral number of seconds since 1970 increased by 1 -
>      which *on average* is after 500ms. This might have caused
>      spurious timeouts! New default timeout is 1500ms. See
>      network-timeout setting for more details. Code in commit
>      1402.
> - ends -
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