[Pdns-users] Separate private network IPs?

Hrvoje Dagelic hrvoje.dagelic at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 07:35:24 UTC 2010


I'd like to know what is the best way to separate private network IP
DNS entries from public ones with powerdns? Currently we have one
single zone "foo.com" in which all entries are together and there are
entries like:

host1   IN    A (public ip)


host1.priv   IN   A (private ip)

And that's bad because anybody can query host1.priv.foo.com from
outside. Is there a way to tell powerdns not to resove private IPs
from outside private networks or could you do that by zone, so that I
make priv.foo.com zone and then restrict access to that zone? Or is
the only way to run a sepparate DNS server?



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