[Pdns-users] Pb compiling pdns-recursor on CentOS 5.4

Laurent Papier papier at sdv.fr
Fri Mar 12 16:38:53 UTC 2010

I'm trying to compile pdns-recursor 3.2 on a CentOS 5.4. It seems that between
version and 3.2, the boost requirement has changed.

CentOS 5.4 provide boost 1.33.1 and foreach.hpp is not present in boost-* rpm
(see below).

I want to recompile a rpm for my system and upgrading boost rpm is not a
solution because of possible dependency failure with other package.

The only solution I see is to include newer boost source in the source rpm and use it to
compile pdns-recursor.

Could someone tell me what is the minimum boost version required to compile
pdns-recursor 3.2 ? I have not found it in the doc.

g++  -Wall -O3  -pthread -D_GNU_SOURCE   -c -o pdns_recursor.o pdns_recursor.cc
pdns_recursor.cc:28:29: error: boost/foreach.hpp: No such file or directory
pdns_recursor.cc: In function 'void broadcastFunction(const pipefunc_t&, bool)':
pdns_recursor.cc:1164: error: expected primary-expression before '&' token
pdns_recursor.cc:1164: error: 'tps' was not declared in this scope
pdns_recursor.cc:1164: error: 'BOOST_FOREACH' was not declared in this scope
pdns_recursor.cc:1165: error: expected `;' before '{' token
pdns_recursor.cc:1163: warning: unused variable 'n'
pdns_recursor.cc:2013: error: expected `}' at end of input
pdns_recursor.cc: At global scope:
pdns_recursor.cc:103: warning: 'g_initialAllowFrom' defined but not used
pdns_recursor.cc:437: warning: 'void writePid()' defined but not used
pdns_recursor.cc:1078: warning: 'void houseKeeping(void*)' defined but not used
make: *** [pdns_recursor.o] Error 1

Laurent Papier - 03 88 75 80 50
Admin. système - SdV Plurimedia - <http://www.sdv.fr/>

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