[Pdns-users] AXFR tranfers from master to slave with URL forward gives error

Frank van den Diepstraten frank.van.den.diepstraten at concepts-ict.nl
Fri Mar 12 15:02:48 UTC 2010

Hi all,


I just updated my authoritive nameserver to Since then I
can't transfer any URL records to my secondary nameserver.Before the
update everything went fine. The log gives the following error:


Mar 12 15:05:47 ns2 pdns[870]: Received valid NOTIFY for test-cict-1.nl
(id=5420) from master 2010031208 > 2010031207

Mar 12 15:05:48 ns2 pdns[870]: AXFR started for 'test-cict-1.nl',
transaction started

Mar 12 15:05:48 ns2 pdns[870]: Unable to AXFR zone 'test-cict-1.nl': EOF
trying to read axfr chunk from remote TCP client

Mar 12 15:05:48 ns2 pdns[870]: Aborting possible open transaction for
domain 'test-cict-1.nl' AXFR


I tried to google but I didn't find a case that's exactly like mine. Is
there a "simple" solution to just accept the URL forward AXFR's from my
first to my secondary nameserver? I'm using the debian package installer
so I hope there is another option the compile the package manually....


Thanks in advance!


Frank van den Diepstraten 


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