[Pdns-users] Possible tcp listener issue

Simon Bedford sbedford at plus.net
Tue Jun 15 13:23:04 UTC 2010

> Simon,
> There is now a 3.3 prerelease that contains all the stuff you'd need for
> further trouble shooting.
> Please find it on http://svn.powerdns.com/snapshots/pdns-recursor-3.3-pre.tar.bz2
> It contains some other exciting stuff too, and it appears to be stable for
> production use.
> 	Bert


I have now built a static package and installed to 2 of the 8 servers 
after testing in isolation, they appear to be running fine and I can use 
the rec_control get tcp-clients now to see the number reported.  We will 
monitor the new package for a week before rolling out to the rest of the 
servers and let you know how that goes.



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