[Pdns-users] Slave zone just won't refresh....

Gary Shaver gshaver at he.net
Wed Jun 9 18:43:27 UTC 2010

On 6/9/10 5:49 AM, Kenneth Marshall wrote:

>> another issue that I've run into was another slave zone.  This had pdns
>> cycling every 2-3 seconds
>> Jun  7 00:48:44 ns1 pdns[10216]: Initiating transfer of 'axxxxxxxa.us' from
>> remote ''
>> Jun  7 00:48:45 ns1 pdns[10216]: AXFR started for 'axxxxxxxa.us',
>> transaction started
>> Jun  7 00:48:45 ns1 pdns[10216]: Communicator thread died because of error:
>> Failed to execute mysql_query, perhaps connection died? Err=1: You have an
>> error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL
>> server version for the right syntax to use near ''\\# 1007
>> ad10090a0600000240002000000000800000
>> 0040000000000000000000000000000000' at line 1
>> Jun  7 00:48:46 ns1 pdns[16017]: Our pdns instance exited with code 0
>> Jun  7 00:48:46 ns1 pdns[16017]: Respawning
>> Jun  7 00:48:47 ns1 pdns[10258]: Guardian is launching an instance
>> Simply removing the zone puts everything back in a happy state, so It's not
>> a timeout issue. Are there any debugging options that can be turned on for
>> the mysql backend?  I didn't find any referenced in the documentation and
>> increasing the loglevel doesn't give me any additional information.
>> I've pulled down the zone and besides the laundry list of different record
>> types, it looks fine.  I can sanitize it an post it if that would help.
>> The pdns version is the static .deb package from the main download page.
>> Any help is appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Gary
> Hi Gary,
> Try enabling the MySQL query logging to see what command is being
> received by the backend. You can also bump the logging level on the
> PDNS system to see if it gives you more information. Have you changed
> any of the default queries? What is your PDNS configuration, including
> the backend chosen? At 27 entries, you could post the entire zone but
> if the problem is a weird character, sanitizing it will make the
> information useless. I would try bumping the debugging levels first.
> I cannot help much on the MySQL side since we use PostgreSQL as the
> backend database.

I already tried both of those.  Increasing the loglevel didn't yield any 
additional information and query log didn't include the query, I suspect 
due to it's failure.

I've attached the zone. I've changed the hostnames and ip's. The 
remainder of the zone is untouched.


> Regards,
> Ken
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