[Pdns-users] PowerDNSSEC

Michael Braunoeder mib at nic.at
Thu Jun 24 13:08:25 UTC 2010


I'm currently evaluating the PowerDNSSEC implementation and found 2 issues:

-) Is it possible to disable the signing-on-demand feature? I want the 
powerdns to act as slave to a hidden-master which does the signing of 
the domain, and the powerdns should just serve the signed zone (without 
any resigning and without access to the Keys).

-) I tried the PostgreSQL-Backend, but I allways received the following 
error message: " TCP server is unable to launch backends - will try 
again when questions come in: Undefined but needed argument: 
'gpgsql-dnssec'". What is the format of the missing 
"gpgsql-dnssec'-Parameter I've to add?


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