[Pdns-users] slave using supermaster

UroŇ° Gruber uros.gruber at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 21:37:38 UTC 2010


I'm trying to setup slave server using supermasters table with gmysql
backend. But while testing I have very strange issues. First of all my slave
was reporting

Unable to find backend willing to host mydomain for potential supermaster

In mysql LOG i found that server was doing

select account from supermasters where ip='IP_SUPERMASTER' and
nameserver='nsserver. hostmaster. 0 3600 7200 604800 3600'

Then I add one such entry in supermaster to se if it will start to work. It
did but when transfering records for this domain priority field was filed
with value of mx record. Not all but It looks like all listed after MX

I've double check entries in mysql and all are correct.

Can someone give me any clue what have I done wrong. On slave I only set
local-ip and slave=yes + mysql settings.

Primary server is working as expected.


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