[Pdns-users] sqlite and backslash escapes

Andy Smith andy at strugglers.net
Sat Jul 17 01:55:15 UTC 2010


One of my users, from whom I take an AXFR, has been experimenting
with DNS Service Discovery (http://www.dns-sd.org/).

Into his BIND zone file he put the following:

$ORIGIN _tcp.atomic-x.co.uk.
_autodiscover           SRV     0 0 443 atomic-x.co.uk.
_http                   PTR     atomic-x\.co\.uk\032Webmail._http
                        PTR     atomic-x\.co\.uk\032Homepage._http

and on one of my BIND slaves, it appears the same as above. My PDNS
servers (using sqlite) took an AXFR of this and ended up storing the
following in the DB:

sqlite> select * from records where domain_id=70 and type="PTR";
180258|70|_http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk|PTR|atomic-x\\.co\\.uk\\ Webmail._http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk.|1800|0|
180259|70|_http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk|PTR|atomic-x\\.co\\.uk\\ Homepage._http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk.|1800|0|

The backslash-escaped space there does not look correct.

When I query a bind9 server, I get the expected response:

$ dig +noall +answer -t ptr _http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk @a.authns.bitfolk.com.
_http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk. 1800 IN      PTR     atomic-x\.co\.uk\032Homepage._http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk.
_http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk. 1800 IN      PTR     atomic-x\.co\.uk\032Webmail._http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk.

The same towards one of the PDNS servers:

$ dig +noall +answer -t ptr _http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk @b.authns.bitfolk.com.
_http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk. 1800 IN      PTR     atomic-x\.co\.uk\\\000.
_http._tcp.atomic-x.co.uk. 1800 IN      PTR     atomic-x\.co\.uk\\\000.

Is this a bug? Any workaround here?

pdns-backend-sqlite / pdns-server, Debian Lenny.


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