[Pdns-users] Resolving an external CNAME

Craig Box craig.box at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 14:14:43 UTC 2010


I realise this issue has been covered on the list, but (a) a couple of years
ago, and (b) with slightly different symptoms.

On Amazon EC2, I have a PowerDNS server [1] set up for an example.local
domain.  I also have recursion enabled and set to the EC2 "virtual
nameserver",  For simplicity's sake, this all runs on the same

Everything works as expected - example.local names resolve from the gmysql
backend, and other names are passed on to Amazon for resolution.  (You need
to use the EC2 name server to resolve .amazonaws.com addresses to their
RFC1918 addresses - if you resolve externally, you get the public IP which
NATs to your machine.)

Anyway, I have added a machine database.xyzzy.eu-west-1.rds.amazonaws.com,
which is a multi-AZ deployment (60 second TTL for failover to a second
server if the first is unreachable).  I have set up a record for
data.example.local which is a cname to this address, but querying it gives
me an NXDOMAIN (/not/ a SERVFAIL).

I have seen mention that you need to have a '.' suffix for records pointing
to external names, but this doesn't seem to make a difference.

Can what I want to do here, be done?  From what I can piece together, all I
should have had to do is enable recursion (which was enabled anyway).


[1] Version 2.9.22-3 from Ubuntu 10.04.
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