[Pdns-users] setting master to enable

Liong Kok Foo kokfoo.liong at innity.com
Mon Jan 25 08:20:19 UTC 2010


As you may be aware, powerdns default installation is native mode.

I would like to change it to master. The slave will be windows 2003 
server running window's own dns service. This was working fine using the 
bind master/windows dns slave previously.

In powerdns, I just need to edit the config file and set master=no to 
master=yes. Right? Any other things to do? I will also need to add the 
slave server into pdns for that the master know who is it's slave. This 
is done by going into "add slave zone", I think.

Any other things to do?

This also prompted me another question. Since pdns's main feature is 
usage of database. Why don't all the configurations information also 
stored in db instead of config file.


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