[Pdns-users] Power DNS as a proxy

Sudarshan Raghavan sudarshan.t.raghavan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 02:00:32 UTC 2010

I am currently using PowerDNS to implement GSLB functionality. I am
using pipebackend to look into our geo db and return a matching record
to pdns. This part is done and it works fine. What I would like to do
with this is

1) Go to pipebackend only for zones for which GSLB is desired (can be
done using regexes in the conf file).
2) Forward the packet to another dns server for the rest.

The deployment scenario is where the customer already has an
authoritative server setup. After I add this component in the data
center, I would like my module to only process requests for GSLB zones
and leave the rest to the existing dns server. Can this be done? I
would appreciate it if someone can give me pointers.


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