[Pdns-users] Syslog not working correctly

Mark Felder feld at feld.me
Mon Dec 6 23:23:38 UTC 2010

Hi guys,

The docs say that pdns is supposed to use the daemon facility as its  
default logging facility for syslog. However, this doesn't seem to be the  
case. On my FreeBSD box my syslog.conf looks like this:

*.err;kern.warning;auth.notice;mail.crit                /dev/console
daemon.*                                        /var/log/daemon.log
security.*                                      /var/log/security
auth.info;authpriv.info                         /var/log/auth.log
mail.info                                       /var/log/maillog
lpr.info                                        /var/log/lpd-errs
ftp.info                                        /var/log/xferlog
cron.*                                          /var/log/cron
*.=debug                                        /var/log/debug.log
*.emerg                                         *
# uncomment this to log all writes to /dev/console to /var/log/console.log
#console.info                                   /var/log/console.log
# uncomment this to enable logging of all log messages to /var/log/all.log
# touch /var/log/all.log and chmod it to mode 600 before it will work
#*.*                                            /var/log/all.log
# uncomment this to enable logging to a remote loghost named loghost
#*.*                                            @loghost
# uncomment these if you're running inn
# news.crit                                     /var/log/news/news.crit
# news.err                                      /var/log/news/news.err
# news.notice                                   /var/log/news/news.notice
*.*                                             /var/log/ppp.log

However, it powerdns errors never make it into daemon.log.... they're  
always in /var/log/messages. This makes me rather skeptical that the  
documentation (http://doc.powerdns.com/syslog.html) is accurate. Also, you  
can't seem to specify anything but local logging facility numbers to  
override that, and I could do that but it's kind of silly since by default  
it's supposed to work using daemon....



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