[Pdns-users] Domain Masking

Mark Scholten mark at streamservice.nl
Mon Dec 6 10:31:56 UTC 2010

Hello Brandon,


This is because the server (probably webserver) running the domain you want
to forward the traffic to sends a redirect to users using that URL. A cname
should work (it is also used for (for example) nl.php.net and you can't see
that it "redirects" to php.streamservice.nl in your browser (normally)).


Do you also control the server you forward the traffic to? Did you try the
iframe options?


Also an option: using a proxy (incl. mod_proxy for httpd (Apache)).


With kind regards,


Mark Scholten


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Hello Mark,


Thanks for your prompt response.  I tried using a cname, but it seems to
redirect to the actual URL I am forwarding the traffic for, therefore, the
masking part fails.  I was wondering if there was some other way to
accomplish it whereby the forwarding domain is not revealed?  



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Subject: RE: [Pdns-users] Domain Masking

Do you mean using a cname (DNS) or do you mean using an iframe (html)?


The first is possible with pdns, the second option would mean running a
webserver and probably a script (if you want to automate it).


Regards, Mark


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Subject: [Pdns-users] Domain Masking


Hello Community,


Is it possible to setup domain masking/forwarding with PDNS?  Basically, we
would like to enable users to forward a domain to another domain while
masking the forwarding domain.


E.g. domain1.com <http://domain1.com/>  fowards to domain2.com
<http://domain2.com/> , however, domain1.com stays in the URL address field.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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