[Pdns-users] Can't make AXFR work with LDAP backend

Nick Milas nmilas at admin.noa.gr
Fri Dec 3 16:26:21 UTC 2010


I never had problems with AXFR between powerdns authoritative server and 
BIND9, but the problem was in Notify messages.

You may want to read the threads:

    Can pdns (with ldap backend) be a master of BIND9 slave?:
    Successful, yet incomplete AXFR to BIND9 slave:
    NOTIFY by pdns master with ldap backend in next authoritative server

Remember that the slave should be included in the zone NS entries and 
should be configured as a slave.

Anyway the command:
dig example.net AXFR @pdns.server.example.com
should run without problems. You don't have to configure pdns as a 
master for that. It is always capable to produce AXFR output.

I would assume that something is corrupt on your server. Check logs. You 
may also want to try a clean installation.


On 3/12/2010 3:49 ΌΌ, Kenneth Marshall wrote:
>> The problem is that I have never been able make AXFR dig. I have the problem
>> for years now, but until now, I never really need to make it work. But I'd
>> like now to use a PowerDNS server as shadow master for my public zone (the DNS
>> server is BIND9).

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