[Pdns-users] PowerDNS and DomainKeys Oddities

Jeremy Utley pdns at gammanetworking.com
Wed Dec 29 18:32:40 UTC 2010

Hello everyone!

Today I started adding some DomainKeys entries into our PowerDNS server, 
and I encountered some oddities.  I did some research on the net 
regarding this issue, and didn't find anything that really helped me.  
First off, start with our architecture:

Master Server:  CentOS 5, PowerDNS 2.9.22-1 static RPM downloaded from 
the PowerDNS website.  Also running PowerAdmin 2.1.4 from 
www.poweradmin.org as a web-based interface.  Using the MySQL backend.

Slaves:  6 of them, also running CentOS 5 and PowerDNS 2.9.22-1, with 
replication handled by MySQL instead of AXFR.

The problem:

When I make DomainKeys entries, I'm getting backslashes in my output 
from dig, but when looking at either the PowerAdmin interface or 
directly at the MySQL data, I'm not seeing them.  See below:

Dig output:
_domainkey.domain.com. 41411  IN      TXT     "t=y\; o=-\;"

MySQL output:
mysql> select * from records where name='_domainkey.domain.com';
| id     | domain_id | name                    | type | content     | 
ttl   | prio | change_date |
| 294898 |      1168 | _domainkey.domain.com | TXT  | "t=y; o=-;" | 
43200 |    0 |  1293645521 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

I'm at my wits end.  I can't see where PowerAdmin could be adding the 
entries, since the data in MySQL appears correct, but PowerDNS is 
definately sending out the backslash escape.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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