[Pdns-users] zone configuration

donaldbjames at suddenlinkmail.com donaldbjames at suddenlinkmail.com
Wed Dec 29 02:46:05 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

I managed to get powerdns configured and running.  I used poweradmin
to enter the zone data for my SOA zones.

However, when I check my configuration with http://www.intodns.com, I
get the following error:

SOA MNAME entry         WARNING: SOA MNAME (donaldbjames.info) is not
listed as a primary nameserver at your parent nameserver!

My zone is donaldbjames.info.  If you like, go to http://www.intodns.com
type in "donaldbjames.info" in the box at the top, click on "report",
wait a few minutes and then scroll down the page.  You will see a
yellow box with a warning.

I am at a loss to figure out what setting is missing in my powerdns

Another thing:  When I try to run the pdns-recursor, it won't start
while the SOA nameserver is running.  They both bind to port 53.  I
tried running the pdns-recursor on port 5300.  It will start but won't
act as a caching nameserver.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Don James

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