[Pdns-users] pdns and Windows DNS integration

Leen Besselink leen at consolejunkie.net
Sun Aug 22 13:22:34 UTC 2010

On 08/22/2010 07:01 AM, vishal.ud wrote:
>  On Sunday 22 August 2010 01:35 AM, Leen Besselink wrote:
>> On 08/21/2010 08:30 PM, Vishal Uderani wrote:
>>> Hey ,
>> Hi Vishal,
>>> Ive managed to get a standalone installation of pdns Authoritative 
>>> server  up and running with a mysql backend and poweradmin interface 
>>> .  However , i havent found a single mention of a pdns installation 
>>> integrating with a Windows DNS Server . Let me elaborate further :
>>> We have a bunch of devs who would like to create/modify/delete 
>>> records and zones in our internal DNS server (Active Directory 
>>> Integrated) without them having to access the server itself .  so 
>>> giving them an interface that does the above made sense . My pdns 
>>> installation is on Linux . I came across the pdns-ldap backend but 
>>> thats somehow not worked out for me . After compiling with 
>>> --with-modules="ldap" and making sure my pdns.conf pointed to the 
>>> correct basedn , i was unable to pull down any of the zones from my 
>>> Win DNS to my db . (assuming thats what it does)  I would really 
>>> appreciate it if anyone could provide me any info or send me along 
>>> the correct track here . Awaiting your prompt response .
>> No, that is not what it does.
>> The LDAP-backend does, like the MySQL-backend, does not copy anything 
>> (unless it's a slave-server, in which case powerdns copies data), is 
>> a database where zones exist which are queried when a client asks for 
>> a record.
>  Thanks for the quick reply . Right . so once i compile using the ldap 
> backend , i should be able to query my windows dns server and in turn 
> poweradmin must display my zones

poweradmin just works with on the (SQL) database directly and only works 
with mysql and postgresql.

>> I don't know if you can use these 2 backends at the same time.
> Hmm . well thats not what i intend to do either . I was wondering if 
> pdns could directly query my windows DNS server and pull down queries 
> or does it need a mysql backend as mandatory (looks like it dosent) .
>> Normally the easiest way to deal with seperate (authoritive) 
>> nameservers is to use seperate zones. So one nameserver has a zone: 
>> company.tld and an other nameserver has a sub-zone: other.company.tld
>> You setup the company.tld to point other.company.tld to the other 
>> nameserver(s) by creating a NS-record with the IP-address of the 
>> other nameserver.
>> That way a 'resolving nameserver' will know it should query an other 
>> authoritive nameserver for the other zone and there is no need to 
>> copy anything.
> Im gonna give the ldap-backend another go at it and check if there is 
> something to be done with my configuration

What are you trying to do ?

So you have an acitve directory with a domain called: ad-domain.local ?

And you want to use poweradmin to make changes to the 
ad-domain.local-domain ?

That would not work.

Because powerdns (with poweradmin as frontend) works with there database 
and you don't want anyone making changes directly in the AD-domain.

What you can do is:

Let active directory control the: ad-domain.local
And let powerdns(with poweradmin as frontend) control 

Or the other way around:
powerdns controls local and active directory controls ad-domain.local

Where possible powerdns has readonly access to ad-domain.local with the 

But I'm no developer so I don't know what the ldap-backend can and can 
not do and I've never tried it with active directory.

>>> -- 
>>> Regards ,
>>> Vishal Uderani
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