[Pdns-users] MySQL backend and notify

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Wed Aug 11 22:11:22 UTC 2010

I'm not an enourmous expert, but I will try to put in some of my basic 
knowledge in this list.

About the database: PowerDNS will cache some records, but for the rest 
it should pull the record directly from the database when you request 
one. You can of course, simply test this yourself.
About the slave-updating: After updating a record in a domain, the first 
number of the SOA record of this domain should be increased (always). 
PowerDNS stored the last value (before you updated the SOA) in the 
domains/notified_serial column. If PowerDNS finds that a SOA record 
contains a higher value than this "notified_serial", it knows it has to 
send out an update to the slaves.

Also, the slave has a "last_check" column. I think some kind of 
mechanism also exists, which makes the slave check for updates in case 
it missed one.

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Op 11-8-2010 22:35, Yves Goergen schreef:
> Hello,
> I'm currently setting up my first PowerDNS server. It shall act as
> master for another DNS server. I'm going to use the gmysql backend. How
> will the pdns server know when I have changed the records in the
> database to send out notifications to the slaves? Will that work on a
> regular basis or will I have to start a separate process to tell
> pdns-server to rescan the database?

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