[Pdns-users] IPv6 & Supermaster?

Rudy Broersma tozz at kijkt.tv
Mon Aug 23 12:23:24 UTC 2010


Last week I've enabled IPv6 on our nameservers, and I noticed my 
supermaster setup is no longer working. When I add a new domain in my 
master, my slave gets a notify but does not accept the new domain:

Aug 23 14:11:39 ariel pdns[16819]: Received NOTIFY for example.com from 
::ffff: for which we are not authoritative

Aug 23 14:11:27 ariel pdns[17440]: Error resolving SOA or NS at: 
::ffff: Unable to ask query of ::ffff: 
Address family not supported by protocol

I've added "::ffff:" in the supermaster table, no luck. 
I've also tried removing the original IPv4 address from the supermaster 
table, leaving only "::ffff:". But still the same problem.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Back in 2009 somebody had the same 
problem, but I cant find a solution:



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