[Pdns-users] PHP API - $500 Sponsorship Offered

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Tue Sep 1 06:23:55 UTC 2009

Hi Nick

> - It should be OpenSource (I'm to suggestions as to which license it
> falls under) and available on one of the major project sites (I'm
> partial to SourceForge and Google Code)
> - It should have a PDNSManager interface specifying the basic CRUD
> operations for supermasters, records, domains, etc.
> - It should have a PDNSMySQL class implementing PDNSManager for the
> MySQL backend using the mysqli or possibly http://pear.php.net/package/MDB2
> - It should have a PDNSPostgreSQL class implementing PDNSManager for the
> PGSql backend using PHP/PG or possibly http://pear.php.net/package/MDB2
> - It should have a PDNSFactory class that provides you with the correct
> PDNSManager for the type you select, and this factory should provide
> methods for specifying configuration options (DB connection details,
> location of host files, etc).
> - It's possible there should be classes for domains, records and
> supermasters to simplify the code of the PDNSManagers. Now that I think
> about it some more, I think this might be essential.
> - It should make use of exceptions (I prefer extensions of
> PEARException, personally) for error reporting
> - Additionally, there could also be (and I think there probably should
> be) an optional, bundled GUI that implements this API for those
> organizations not wanting to code a GUI and just wanting to drop
> something in place, configure it, and use it.
> Ideas? Suggestions? Comments? Wishes of good luck? :)

Please have a look at the code I've posted a link to yesterday. It implements 
or outlines already almost all of the requirements you listed above.


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