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Jesse Angell jesse.angell at firespring.com
Fri Oct 23 18:43:14 UTC 2009

I am using MySQL for both my master and my slave.  I played with MySQL replication some but it just seemed over-kill for what I needed (I have a huge MySQL replicated environment for my web stuff).  I ended up just writing a simple script on the master that would do a mysqldump.  It would keep track of the checksum of the last dump and if it changed it would scp that mysqldump to the slave and restore it.

Runs every minute from cron...works great.  Ghetto -- but simple and trouble-free :)

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Przemyslaw Wegrzyn schreef:
> Kenneth Marshall wrote:
>>> This leaves my initial question unanswered - how does such setup
>>> recover from lost notifications from supermaster to slave?
>>> As of PostgreSQL - my idea was to use PostgreSQL on master, and
>>> SQLite on slave, for simplicity, but that would render your patch
>>> useless, unfortunately. Where can I find the patch?
>> The slave will check after the cache period times out. You could
>> also run a tickle script to check that you do not have any stale
>> zones.
> I'm not sure if I understand things right - I'm talking about a
> situation when I add a whole new zone to the master server, and I'd
> like the slave server to add it automatically as well. The zone is not
> yet configured on the slave, so it will not ask for that. It only asks
> when notified by master. So the only way to make it reliable, I
> suppose, is to repeat the notifications form master, until a
> successful AXFR to slave occurs.

In short, it doesn't. If the packet should get lost before the slave has
the zone in its database it won't get retried until a 'pdns_control
notify <domain>' is issued on the master.



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