[Pdns-users] Reliable supermaster setup - howto?

Przemyslaw Wegrzyn czajnik at sitenet.pl
Fri Oct 23 11:42:33 UTC 2009

Dmitry Banshchikov wrote:
>> 1. I can see that any time serial is updated in the SOA record of the 
>> domain, pdns server discovers the change and reloads the zone. That's 
>> great, however - this is obviously a kind of polling, which 
>> configuration parameter controls the interval of database queries?
> Variables packetcache-size and  query-cache-ttl.
Ah, so the idea is that SOA record is reloaded to the cache whenever it 
expires, right?
>> 2. I'd like to automatically propagate new domains to slave DNS
>> server, the idea of 'supermaster' looks exactly like what I need. My
>> current setup sends notifications about zone changes to slave, and my
>> slave happily configures new zones. However, I'm concerned about
>> situation when particular notification is lost.  How should the
>> system recover from that situation
> Master-slave DNS synchronization in PDNS is based on database
> replication.
I know this is one of the options, but according to the manual using 
'supermaster' config and regular DNS zone AXFRs would do the trick. My 
idea was to avoid database replication to the slave DNS server, that's 
an extra maintenance effort for me.


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