[Pdns-users] RBL Anyone?

Tyler Hall tyler at tylerhall.net
Wed Oct 14 16:06:38 UTC 2009

Yes, it works, why wouldn't it?  RBLs just do DNS lookups and look for an

OT -- The only problem with having your own RBL is when will you know to
remove the listing?  You will end up blocking people longer then they should
be.    I've been in spamhaus before on accident, if I emailed you during
that time, I'd never be able to email you again unless you plan on flushing
out the table every few days.   Just think about the stuff like that.

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 9:06 AM, Curtis Maurand <curtis at maurand.com> wrote:

>  Has anyone ever used PDNS to host an internal RBL.  I'd like to cut down
> my traffic to spamhaus before I have to start paying them a big fee.  I can
> harvest addresses from a mail log and put them into a zone with an A record
> of
> --Curtis
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