[Pdns-users] PDNS and alias domains question

Stefan Schmidt zaphodb at zaphods.net
Tue Nov 24 17:25:05 UTC 2009

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 04:35:29PM +0100, Frank Altpeter wrote:
> Hi again,

Hi Freddy,

> Is there any information on that topic yet? Or is powerdns development
> currently down? :)

This is pdns-users and it is working fine. 
pdns-dev is over at http://mailman.powerdns.com/mailman/listinfo/pdns-dev

As for myself i can tell you that i was just too lazy to answer your question
right away, sorry. ;-)

The problem of 'alias domains' that you depicted is actually quite a frequent
one in #powerdns on IRCnet. I don't know of any freely available plug and play
solution to this but the most commonly referred to way is having some kind of
alias table with the gmysql backend and using stored procedures that take
the aliases into account for each query.
Let me point you to [1] the gmysql backend documentation which lists all
SQL queries it will do in the default installation.
These queries are all customizable and you can for example exchange them with
calls for stored procedures as long as those don't change the sequence or
types of return values.
For my personal server i used the following launch line:
this means that i can override basic-query by specifying:
gmysql-priv-basic-query=select content,ttl,prio,type,domain_id,name from dns_record where type='%s' and name='%s'

I am not aware of any DNS Management Software that can cope with this kind of
alias domain, however as there are many that can deal with PowerDNS's gmysql
backend in default configuration it might still be easy to integrate.

	Stefan aka ZaphodB

[1] http://doc.powerdns.com/generic-mypgsql-backends.html#AEN5593
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