[Pdns-users] need help with Google Apps (Mail) + PowerDNS

AJ McKee aj.mckee at druid-dns.com
Wed May 13 21:11:32 UTC 2009


Although I realize you are using Power Admin, this may help you too (I hope)
to acomplish same using mysql client or to foormulate the correct type of
entry in Power Admin

1. Verify your domain name - Best to use the HTML page form of verification
as its quicker sometimes and generally easier to accomplish

2. Create the Domain in you PDNS (Assuming Default schema & MySQL)
  INSERT INTO domains (name,type) VALUES ('MYDOMAIN.COM','NATIVE');

3. Get The Domain ID
  SELECT * FROM domains WHERE name='mydomain.com';
  We'll assume 101 in this case is the domain id.

4. Create The Standard Records

  SOA: INSERT INTO records (domain_id,name,type,content,ttl) VALUES ('101','
MYDOMAIN.COM','SOA','NS1.YOURMASTERDNS.NET 2009051321 1200 120 1209600

  NS:   INSERT INTO records (domain_id,name,type,content,ttl) VALUES
           INSERT INTO records (domain_id,name,type,content,ttl) VALUES

  MX:  INSERT INTO records (domain_id,name,type,content,prio) VALUES

5. If you wish to use aliases for say webmail to point to your Gmail Apps
    CNAME: INSERT INTO records (domain_id,name,type,content) VALUES ('101','

6. If you wish yo use Google Chat (XMPP/JABBER)
    SRV: INSERT INTO records (domain_id,name,type,content,ttl,prio) VALUES
             ('101','_xmpp-server._tcp.MYDOMAIN.COM','SRV','0 5269
             ('101','_xmpp-server._tcp.MYDOMAIN.COM','SRV','0 5269
             ('101','_xmpp-server._tcp.MYDOMAIN.COM','SRV','0 5269
             ('101','_xmpp-server._tcp.MYDOMAIN.COM','SRV','0 5269
             ('101','_xmpp-server._tcp.MYDOMAIN.COM','SRV','0 5269
             ('101','_xmpp-client._tcp.MYDOMAIN.COM','SRV','0 5222
             ('101','_xmpp-client._tcp.MYDOMAIN.COM','SRV',' 0 5222
             ('101','_xmpp-client._tcp.MYDOMAIN.COM','SRV','0 5222
             ('101','_xmpp-client._tcp.MYDOMAIN.COM','SRV','0 5222
             ('101','_xmpp-client._tcp.MYDOMAIN.COM','SRV','0 5222


2009/5/13 - Simon - <kentor at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I have a small problem with MX records. We are using Google Apps for web
> application's email needs and we've already set everything up. We can now
> send emails from @ourdomainname.com but we cannot receive them. To do so,
> we need to change some MX records as instructed on Google but they do not
> give any guidance for PowerDNS + PowerAdmin and nobody online uses this
> combo so I can't find any help. Basically if you go to
> https://www.google.com/a/ourdomainname.com/ and then login, and then click
> on the link "Activate email" right below the email icon, you will see the
> set of instructions that I'm trying to follow (if you create a Google Apps
> account or already have one or you can view the exact page by going to "
> http://www.forum.optymalizacja.com/lofiversion/index.php/t25816.html", you
> will see it in the quote. ). The thing is that when I enter the first value
> into PowerDNS, I get "Error: You are using an invalid top level domain.".
> There are step by step instructions for GoDaddy but not for PowerDNS. Any
> help would be really appreciated. Thanks!
> Simon
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