[Pdns-users] suggestion for pipe backend: give listen ip information

Alan Hodgson ahodgson at simkin.ca
Mon May 11 17:10:46 UTC 2009

On Friday 08 May 2009, Steven Haryanto <stevenharyanto at gmail.com> wrote:
> We recently switched from Bind to PowerDNS for a box. The box has two
> public interfaces (say with addresses and Bind was
> configured using two views each with different match-destinations
> setting so that Bind can answer differently depending whether clients
> hit and
> It would be nice if PowerDNS can do this too using pipe backend.
> Currently there's no way for the piped script to know the listening IP
> address of PowerDNS.

Your local interface IP is sent as the last parameter in pipe requests, in 
any recent version of PowerDNS. You may need to 
enable "pipebackend-abi-version=2" in your config file.

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