[Pdns-users] Supermaster without NS records

Lee Huffman lee at shiftedlabs.com
Thu May 14 02:02:19 UTC 2009

Hello users,

We are operating a shared hosting server and attempting to setup two 
separate authoritative name servers. We chose PowerDNS for this because 
of the supermaster functionality. The plan was to have our shared 
hosting server (running BIND) set as a supermaster on ns1 (PowerDNS), so 
when changes were made there, they would be replicated to our actual 
authoritative servers (ns1 & ns2 - that are defined in the SOA + NS 
records for each zone). Something like the following...

[ SHARED SERVER ] -- (master) ------------- (slave) --> [ NS1 ] -- 
(master) ------------- (slave) --> [ NS2 ]

I have BIND sending notifies to ns1, but ns1 is throwing the following 
error for each domain..

Received NOTIFY for domain.com from for which we are not 
Unable to find backend willing to host domain.com for potential 

I believe this is because our shared server is not listed in the zone 
files anywhere (namely the NS records as mentioned in the supermaster 
section of the manual). Is there any way around this? This would work 
_perfectly_ if I could just get around the NS record requirement for 

Thanks in advance!

Lee Huffman | lee at shiftedlabs.com
President - Shifted Labs, Inc.
P: 206-569-4316
F: 206-508-3935

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