[Pdns-users] newbie pdns crashing on startup

Dave Corsello davecorsello at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 03:05:44 UTC 2009


Thanks for your replies.  Actually, I spent about 2-1/2 days trying to 
get pdns to run on FreeBSD, and I think I've given as much time to this 
as I'm willing to give.  I'm not locked into FreeBSD--I'm not even 
building a physical machine yet.  This is all VM stuff for now.  I like 
OpenBSD a lot, and because pdns supposedly doesn't run on that OS, I 
thought I would try FreeBSD. 

Today, I set up another virtual machine with Debian 5.0, and had pdns 
and poweradmin up and running in a couple of hours.  I'm not an 
experienced Linux user though, so I'm not sure which OS would be best.  
I really like the security focus of OpenBSD.

My goal is to have fail-over capability, in which I can monitor the 
responsiveness of my main web server and fail-over to a second machine 
at a different geographic location.  It seems to me that pdns would be a 
good choice for this kind of application.


Augie Schwer wrote:
> You could try compiling the source from the website; also is that the
> full strace?  --Augie

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