[Pdns-users] Question on setting up PDNS

Nicholas Orr nicholas.orr at zxgen.net
Tue Mar 17 23:08:14 UTC 2009

You'd need to setup a sub-domain and have your primary domain give out NS
for where the sub-domain is hosted.

I remember doing this ages ago with Windows Server DNS, was pretty straight

Sorry I'm not much more help :/

2009/3/18 <npereira at videotron.ca>

> Hello, I am trying to setup PDNS for enum NAPTR...
> I have a domain, example.com which is taken car by our current DNS.
> I need to add a pointer for e164.example.com to send the request to a
> specific server, which is the on running the PDNS, yet the query I am doing
> is not being sent to the PDNS and I dont know what I'm doing wrong...
> My query via nslookup is :
> nslookup 0.0.1.e164.example.com
> Fails no response
> if on the PDNS (linux) server and I do a Dig, it works fine.
> dig 0.0.1.e164.example.com
> What should my Primary DNS have to send the query they get to the specific
> server IP of PDNS ?
> Regards,
> Nelson Pereira
> Http://www.npereira.com
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