[Pdns-users] STL error

Leen Besselink leen at consolejunkie.net
Sun Mar 8 12:36:49 UTC 2009

Johan Kooijman wrote:
>> The last line is a reset packet from client to server, I wouldn't
>> expect to see a reset packet. I tried a working installation as a
>> test and I didn't see a reset packet.
>> I don't know why the client-side does this, but it's not the usual
>> way.
>> Also I noticed there were no packets with F (for finished) so that
>> would mean the server wasn't done sending.
>> Maybe first try from localhost on the PowerDNS-server ?
> Unfortunately.. same result.

Now that is interresting.

Can I suggest creating a pcap-file and looking at with wireshark ?

ifconfig lo | grep MTU

tcpdump -s $MTU -w $PATH/lo.tcp.domain.pcap -npti lo tcp port domain

I don't really know what could be the cause, but my guess is PowerDNS
is sending something dig doesn't understand ?

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