[Pdns-users] SQLite3 problem during stress

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Sun Jul 19 12:15:06 UTC 2009

Hi Christian

> After combating some weird incompatibility with Debian Lenny 5.0 where
> PDNSs gsqlite3 refused to write anything to the database it begun to crash
> when we did the initial transfer (notify of several hundred domains).
> I have tried with the OpenDBX backend which seems to work much better
> regarding the sqlite3 incompatibility but also crashes during heavy
> transfer load.

SQLite is only useful for small installations and a few domains because it 
uses table locks when it writes the changes to the database. As each zone 
transfer is a transaction that wants to write to the same table, no two 
transfers can happen in parallel. Better use a different database for the 
slave dns servers in your case. MySQL is the one with the highest read 
performance but you can use whatever fits your needs.

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