[Pdns-users] Why prefer recursor answers over auth Authoritative answers?

Sean Boran sean at boran.com
Fri Feb 6 06:43:51 UTC 2009


I cannot answer the recursive query, but I'm am also designing a setup to
replace Bind with split zones. The idea was to replace bind entirely. Maybe
we should share some design ideas?

Current I have two internet ns with bind, with an an internal and external

a) Internal master:
   powerdns port 53, mysql backend
   recursor: for vptt & SCIS domains
b) Internet #1: Contains only Public Zones & IPs
   powerdns port 53,
      mysql replica of Internal master.
       Adapt queries to ignore certain zones/IPS via  "LIKE clause"
   recursor: recursor to pdns 53 for our Internet domains, else
Internal master if source=Internal
c) Internet#2: same as Internet#1



2009/2/4 David Sparks <dave at ca.sophos.com>

> ......
> I have setup a PowerDNS installation to replace a BIND installation.  We
> have
> run a split-horizon setup in BIND that has worked for many years.  Since
> PowerDNS does not support this I intend to continue to run BIND to answer
> the
> Internet queries, and PowerDNS will answer the internal for both auth and
> recursive.
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