[Pdns-users] NOTIFY messages not sent from correct address

Ton van Rosmalen ton at netbase.nl
Thu Aug 6 06:21:00 UTC 2009

Hi Matthew,

Matthew Pounsett schreef:
> I seem to have run into a problem with NOTIFY messages sent from a
> master pdns server to its slaves.  It seems that the interface
> selected to be the source of the notify messages is not necessarily
> the same interface that pdns listens to for answering queries... and
> therefore may not be the interface where slaves expect to find their
> master.  This is using pdns 2.9.22 on various operating systems.
> I'm managing a configuration with many name server processes running
> on individual servers, each holding zones belonging to a single
> customer or service.  In the this example case I'm dealing with now, I
> have two pdns masters running on one server handling different sets of
> zones.   The server is configured with two interfaces, and
> Using the local-address directive, the first master is configured to
> use and the second is using  The master on
> works fine, and the slaves see notify messages from the
> correct place and all is good.   However, the second master is also
> sending its notify messages from  Since its slaves are
> configured to talk to, they see this as a notify from an
> unauthorized source, and so they ignore it.
> I initially thought this might be a problem with the network
> configuration on the servers, until I took a look at the pdns
> processes with lsof.   Here is the lsof output section reporting the
> network interfaces pdns is connected to:
> pdns_serv 21870 root    5u  IPv4           45796887              UDP
> pdns_serv 21870 root    7u  IPv6           45796889              UDP
> [2001:DB8::2]:domain
> pdns_serv 21870 root    9u  IPv4           45796891              TCP
> pdns_serv 21870 root   11u  IPv6           45796893              TCP
> [2001:DB8::2]:domain (LISTEN)
> pdns_serv 21870 root   13u  IPv4           45796895              TCP
> pdns_serv 21870 root   17u  IPv4           45796903              UDP
> *:27740
> I can see on the slave side that notify messages are arriving from
>  It seems pretty clear that the master is using the
> UDP port bound to INADDR_ANY to send notify messages, which seems to
> me to be a problem.
> It seems likely this could be fixed by changing that particular socket
> call to use the address defined by local-address in the .conf file. 
> Unfortunately, my c++ isn't nearly good enough to track that down and
> produce a patch.
> Can anyone else confirm this behaviour, and/or suggest a fix?
I can only comment on ipv4 but there is a configuration-option called
"query-local-address" just for this purpose.
Search http://doc.powerdns.com/all-settings.html for this option to see
the explanation.

Good luck.



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