[Pdns-users] PDNS Developer Wanted !!

Brandon Lee devmgr1 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 26 13:50:03 UTC 2009


We have a few projects that require the assistance of a PDNS Developer.  The first project is a PDNS filter that uses the mysql backend.  This feature will work when a new DNS request is made.  Its purpose is to only allow secure request based on IP address which can be controlled by a MySQL Database.  The process is as follows:

DNS Filter
- DNS Request is nade to pdns
- PDNS checks the mysql backend to determine if a field named "filter" in the domains table is enabled (filter == true)
- If filter is enabled, PDNS needs to check the allowedhost table for all IPs allowed to request DNS
- If the requesting IP is found, PDNS will return the value of the record requested
- If the requested IP is not found, then PDNS will return the default no record found message

DNS Failover
In this project, we need a script that will checks the websites availability based, and if the host is down, remove the A record.  This scritpt will check the domains table to determine which domains "autofailover" field is set to true, and will only check those domains.

If you are interested and feel you are able to complete the above task, please email me directly at devmgr1 at yahoo.com.



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