[Pdns-users] SQLite as slave backend

Michael Svendsen michael at nsec.dk
Wed Apr 22 22:15:20 UTC 2009

Hi list


I have searched and searched, but haven't been able to find a solution,
neither to investigate myself.


I have PowerDNS running on master server with MySQL as backend - works like
a charm.

Now I want to setup a slave server with SQLite backend (no access to MySQL
on that server)


Everything is configured correctly, but on slave site I get this error when
my master server is sending NOTIFY:


Received NOTIFY for example.com from for which we are not

gsqlite3: connection to '/etc/pdns/pdns.db' succesful

Backend error: Database error trying to insert new slave 'example.com':
Error while retrieving SQLite query results



Any clues? What should I look for?



Thanks in advance




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