[Pdns-users] Help requested; is anyone successfully using AFSDB-records with pdns?

Bastian powerdns0703 at melvex.xs4all.nl
Mon Sep 8 10:39:42 UTC 2008


I was wondering, is anyone successfully using AFSDB-records with pdns
and the ldap backend?

Although support for the AFSDB-record has been added to pdns version
2.9.21 (http://wiki.powerdns.com/cgi-bin/trac.fcgi/ticket/129), I cannot
get it to show up when I query my domain with host -a.

(the AFSDB record is used by the distributed file system afs to locate
the db-servers for a cell; details at www.openafs.org).

Other domains with openafs show the record just fine, for example:

host -a grand.central.org
grand.central.org.      3600    IN      A
grand.central.org.      3600    IN      MX      99 grand.central.org.
grand.central.org.      3600    IN      AFSDB   1 andrew.e.kth.se.
grand.central.org.      3600    IN      MX      100 smtp.dementia.org.
grand.central.org.      3600    IN      MX      9 michigan.central.org.
grand.central.org.      3600    IN      AFSDB   1 grand-opening.mit.edu.
grand.central.org.      3600    IN      AFSDB   1 penn.central.org.
This is the desired result.
(I do not know which DNS-server the domain runs).

On my intranet domain, it does not show AFSDB-records; other records
like SOA, NS and TXT are shown correctly.

The ldap-entry reads:

dn: dc=intranet,ou=hosts,dc=intranet
objectClass: dNSDomain2
objectClass: domainRelatedObject
associatedDomain: intranet
dc: intranet
nSRecord: ns1.intranet
nSRecord: ns2.intranet
aFSDBRecord: 1 afsdb.intranet  <-- does not show up with host -a
tXTRecord: just a test

I'm using
- debian 4.0 (etch)
- kernel 2.6.26-4~bpo40+1 (from debian backports)
- pdns-server version (from debian backports)
- slapd (openldap) 2.3.30-5+etch1 (from debian etch)

I Would like to use the AFSDB-record in my intranet and internet domain
in the future. Thanks in advance for any help/insight/experience.


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