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Nicholas Williams williamsn at bondware.com
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It sounds like your `content` column is possibly a varchar(255) column. 
We've changed the `content` column to a text field type, as the limit on 
a text field type is 65535 characters (and much more capable of handling 
those domainkeys records). I'd recommend doing that. It works fine for us.


Paul J. Smith wrote:
> Hi (again),
> One other requirement I have is for long TXT records for some SPF and domainkeys records.  These can get very long.  They currently exceed the 250 characters in a few cases.  I've looked at the mysql db schema on the mysql backup and I think the TXT type is 255 chars or thereabouts.  Is there any problem in extending this?  Has anyone done it?  The problem we have is that there are some domainkeys and spf records that currently exceed this by a fair bit, so we need a longer TXT field.
> Thanks,
> Paul
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