[Pdns-users] Two R/W DNS servers

Steve Spencer sspencer at kdsi.net
Mon Nov 24 14:16:45 UTC 2008

I think a better way to do this is to set up replication between your
pdns databases with a master and a slave, as Simon says, and then use a
front-end, like PDNS-Admin to control the records added to the master.

You can certainly do what simon suggests and have each server slave off
of each other if you like.

What we do here is we have our primary dns servers as slaves to a
database that is simply running as the master on a third machine.  That
way you get replication to 3 servers (including the master) and none of
your DNS servers are ever the master for your DNS database.

In a case like this, if your master goes splat, you can convert one of
the slaves to a master and stay working while your master is rebuilt.
If one of the slaves goes splat, you don't have to figure out which one
is the master first, because neither of your DNS servers are actually
the master.  You just rebuild whichever slave needs rebuilding, make
sure it is part of the replication when you are through, and poof, your


Steven G. Spencer, Network Administrator

Maysara A. Abdulhaq wrote:
> Thank you Simon, i will be trying that setting !
> On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 1:55 AM, Simon McCartney <simon at mccartney.ie> wrote:
>> Simon McCartney wrote:
>>> MySQL replication is relatively simple in concept, each database can slave
>>> off another, so that any changed made to the master are replicated out to
>>> the slave.  In order to have this work bi-directionally, database server A
>>> is configured as a master, with B slaving off A.  A is then configured to
>>> slave off A, completing the loop.
>> Ooops, that should read:
>> A is then configured to slave off B, completing the loop.
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