[Pdns-users] Re: Release Candidate: PowerDNS Authoritative Server 2.9.22-rc1 released!

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Thu Nov 20 20:17:47 UTC 2008

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 06:23:51PM +0100, Christof Meerwald wrote:
> I built it from source on Ubuntu 8.04 (i386) this morning and so far it
> appears to work fine.

Good to hear!

> One note though, would you expect "pdns_control ccounts" to return some data
> - I only get an empty line (btw, I am only using the bind backend, although
> the gsqlite3 backend is also loaded).

I fixed this yesterday - I noted the same problem. Thanks!


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