[Pdns-users] 2.9.22-rc1 coming up!

Ton van Rosmalen ton at netbase.nl
Tue Nov 18 00:10:48 UTC 2008

Hi again,

Ton van Rosmalen schreef:
> I just downgraded the supermaster back to 2.9.21 and pdns_control
> functions as it should.
> It connects to the control-socket send the notify and exits.
> When shutting down using the pdns-initscript it hung on 'pdns_control
> ping', so all usage of the
> control socket seems to give me problems.
> Is there anything I can test to provide more info on this issue I'm
> seeing?
After looking into the code and the diffs between 2.9.21 and the
snapshot I found the only difference
between the old and new in the manner in which the control-socket is
set-up in the server.

In 2.9.21 only the local unix socket existed and this was set-up.
In 2.9.22 both the local unix socket and a tcp/ip socket exist for which
a shared function
is create b the name 'createSocketAndBind'.

The problem seems to be that this function essentially does a bind() and
listen() after which the gid and mode
of the control-socket is changed.

Before it did a bind(), change gid/mode and listen().

I did a quick hack to change behaviour as it was in 2.9.21 and
pdns_control does everything I want it to.

At this time I'm getting a bit cloudy in my head ;-) so if I don't make
sense please forgive me.

If the hack I made is of interest to anyone please let me know and I'll
post a diff against snapshot 1293 to the list.



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