[Pdns-users] PipeBackend questions

Christopher Arnold chris at arnold.se
Tue Nov 25 01:02:40 UTC 2008


im implementing a pipebackend and i'm a bit confused regarding pipe-regex.

I have tried:

But still i havn't been able to get lon.globalns.openpeers.net sent to the 
backend. The only way i have been able to get queries to the backend is by 
commenting out the line.

What have i missunderstood, or doing wrong?

While talking about backends, if i have the following launch statement:
launch=gmysql, pipe

As i understand it gmysql gets the query first and then pipebackend.

What is supposed to happen if gmysql has the answer?
Will the query to pipebackend get inhibited or will both backends get the query?
In that case who will win?


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